Our Aim

Our aim is:

To promote prosperity and beauty of the environment through community.

........Creating awareness that:

cleanliness is a proven path to prosperity. 


By inspiring others into action.

  • to share the vision of the concept of My Clean; promoting a Tipping Point for prosperity and beauty for all.
  • inspiring students to become aware of the opportunity to practice leadership by interacting with the community; to practice empowerment.
  • taking every opportunity to practice enrolment in the spirit of My Clean as My Clean ..room, ..house, ..street, ..suburb, ..town, ..city, ..state and ..country.

Seven strategies towards the Aim

Seek and support leaders in the community to promote and apply the Aim of MCI .
Collaborate  with community groups, such as schools, institutions, businesses, associations and government, to generate ideas and advance its Aim
Create, support and promote activities and events that advance the Aim of MCI
Acknowledge publicly individuals and groups that advance the Aim of MCI
  Encourage sponsorship of its activities
Acknowledge and encourage membership of the Clean Up the World organisation
Create and support other initiatives that promote its aim of prosperity and beauty of the environment through community
We welcome your participation. Join our team as a leader in your community. We will support and acknowledge you. Contact