Aboriginal people belong to their land. The soul of a person is born from the land and returns to it after death.

Charmaine Walley

Charmaine is Director/Board of Directors of the South West Aboriginal Land & Sea Council/Yued.

Charmaine's qualifications include Certificate IV Trainer and Assessor National Corporate Training Pty Ltd and a Certificate in Leadership Training.

Charmaine  says....

I want to empower my people, to be active custodians, to reignite the fires that burned fiercely in the past in regard to proud land ownership.

What is the Indigenous Exchange Scheme?

Above picture (from left), Aunty Kath, Bhavnaji and Aunty Janet. The term "Aunty" is reserved for Aboriginal Elders.

What is the Indigenous Exchange Scheme? The Indigenous Exchange scheme evolved from the success of the My Clean School and My Clean India programs which promote community action and individual empowerment.  

The IE Scheme inspired by the My Clean program. The Rotary Club of Western Endeavour (Western Australia) may be involved.

The aims

  • Cultural exchanges to promote pride and satisfaction in one's heritage.
  • Australian Indigenous people in sharing stories about their Indigenous ancestry and pride in taking care of their land and by that promote living in harmony within a clean environment.
  • Through dialogue and action, promote bonds between Australia and India. 


The Scheme creates the connection of cultures by sharing respect for our heritage as a pathway for living life more powerfully and with greater satisfaction.

 The Australian Aboriginal people belong to their land. The soul of a person is born from the land and returns to it  after death. Taking care of the land is core to their being.

 The people of India also have a profound connection with the land treating it as Mother Earth from which its children take birth and return. Serving the Mother is their foremost duty. Of the five debts that every human inherits, repaying the Mother is the first. To the people of India, the meeting of cultures is like the holiest confluence of rivers as they flow as one to the vast oceans.

 Why India and Australia?

Genetic link. A discovery in 2009 showed a common ancestry around fifty thousand years ago between the people of India and the Aboriginal Australians.

Spiritual link. Australia's indigenous population, like the Indian people, not only share a common ancestry, both cultures have a strong spiritual basis.

Why 'My Clean'?

The My Clean initiative is about empowering people to take pride in themselves and to be unstoppable in achievement of their vision. While it has a focus on cleanliness, as a symptom of community spirit, it is more about the pathway of empowerment than the outcome.

My Clean is focussed on the youth to live life with pride and satisfaction to encourage people to not be stopped by any experiences of the past that hinder action. It practices oneness of spirit and culture.Pride in one's heritage is a first step along the lines of Appreciative Inquiry - ie. acknowledging the good things.