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Below are PowerPoint presentation which for this online version does not show the animations and some graphics may obscure the text. Please see the YouTube version for the complete presentation.

Below are the English and Hindi versions WITHOUT animations and videos. Some animations obscure parts of the text. Video and Powerpoint versions available on request (see Youtube versions below)

My Clean School - Hindi version
My Clean School - English

YouTube version of the PowerPoint presentation of My Clean School.
English version (the Hindi version) . In THREE parts.

Hindi version

Read Appreciative Inquiry about community mobilisation. These unintended consequences illustrate the need for a shift away from the problem-oriented methods toward processes that build on community achievements, existing strengths and local skills. 

Some models for schools..








Below are some resources produced by My Clean India.

Click each image to download

 Certificates for schools in Word capable of variation.
Diaries Scheme (MS Word) Outline of workings of a school diary scheme
A working outline of MyCleanSchool.
An MS Word version

Also enrolment form
  Getting Started with My Clean. For Facilitators to help them get started. 
Here is an introduction to what has happened and what you can do. Essential download
aClick to download Mission Butterfly outline document Mission Butterfly outline document in PDF format ready for printing.
Introducing MCI is an important statement on how you can work with MCI. Highly recommended download.
A3 sized poster ready to print in PDF format (large format).
A3 sized custom prepared for Lucknow
The MCI Vision is an evolving document and appears in draft form only. Suggestions are welcomed. Read with Introducing MCI (below)
This is a Membership Application form that can be completed and then printed out (not saved) and then mailed to Central Office.
The MCI Oath or sankalp Hindi version (click for full size)
The MCI Oath, English version.
The oath sworn in Nainital
The promise used in Nainital to encourage individuals and businesses to respect the environment.
Sticker used in Nainital
The prize certificate used for the poster competition
MCI flier outside only (not for printing)
MCI flier inside only (not for printing)
MCI flier. PDF version ready for printer (8 Feb 08)
Downloadable logo high resolution. (Also a PSD version)
My Clean School Ajmer version PSD format. (eg. with changeable location)
JPG version only click here
Image of butterfly for downloading (gif format)
The Certificate of Acknowledgement. Sample only.
Typical business card. Sample only
Community survey form as used by Sherwood College.