Suresh Mathur and his team of the NGO My Clean School Ajmer addressing groups such as Rotary and the Meyo College 2012

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Clean up Ajmer Day 26 November 2010

The newly created My Clean School Ajmer Society with Mr Suresh Mathur as Secretary has declared 26 November 2010 as Clean Up Ajmer Day. At least 5,000 students are anticipated to be in action with wide ranging programs including the distribution of of at least 50,000 sankalps (oaths) to undertake to keep clean. More details.

The schools network involves schools representatives of one teacher and two students. The next meeting will be have the presence of the Divisional Commissioner, Mr. Atul Sharma. 

What's next? by Suresh Mathur

We had a meeting of some of our core group and some volunteers yesterday. We plan to launch in the new year what we are calling 'Zero Kachra(litter) Campaign' in as many schools as we can(depending on how many volunteers we can find to man it).


We are offering a challenge to the students in the school-can they over a period of 3 months ensure that not a single piece of litter is found on the ground-every bit of litter must be put in litter bins. The point is to get students to not throw litter on the ground in the first place rather than focus on the picking up of litter.


Students will be asked to work out how they intend to go about it, what they will need(loads of litter bins?!), how will the leaders cajole, inspire, prompt  students to achieve the target. Each volunteer from MCS will take on 2 schools which he/she will visit every alternate week to interact with students/teachers/Principal emphasising the point that the students must lead the campaign. We will also involve the local councillor of the area and if need be find sponsors to donate bins( we will propose students make their own/find their own bins in the first place).


We believe that if the students get into the habit of throwing litter in the bins in the school this habit will extend to their homes and subsequently reduce litter on the roads making it easier to keep the city clean.

Joining Hands

My Clean School, Ajmer’ and the Rotary Club (Mid Town) Ajmer join hands to support an environmental initiative.

Savitri Girls Primary School is a member of the ‘My Clean School’ movement in Ajmer.

The dynamic duo of the Headmistress, Mrs. Jyotsna Sharma and Mrs. Kanta Mishra,teacher coordinator for the school, have fired the imagination of the young girls who are keen to work towards tidying up their school campus and also to take the messages  ‘Save Water’ and ‘Avoid using Polythene bags’ to their homes.

The Headmistress requested the ‘My Clean School, Ajmer’ organization to find a sponsor who would donate large dust bins to the school.

Rotary Club was approached and their President Mr. Sanjeev Khandelwal readily agreed to present 10 dust bins to the school children.

At a simple but meaningful ceremony held in the school on the 11th of May 2010, Mr. Suresh Mathur, Facilitator, told the children that our belief is that if the students started looking around and came up with suggestions about what they would like to do to improve their environment, it would be of great value all round.

The Rotary President commended the initiative and complimented the students, the headmistress and the teacher co-ordinator for their zeal. He also said that Rotary would be keen to support environmental initiatives by school children.

May 2010

Suresh reports: ‘My Clean School, Ajmer

Catch ‘em Young!

The Ajmer Kindergarten School, a nursery school with children aged 2 to 3 years, is a member of the ‘My Clean School, Ajmer’ initiative and undoubtedly has the youngest members among all the member schools in the city!

A trendsetter school, ‘Greening Ajmer’ is a part of its vision statement.

Nisha Agarwal, the Headmistress of the school, beams with pride as she explains how all students are given a plant in a pot when they join the school with their name tag on it. Each student waters his plant regularly under the caring eye of the teacher and watches it grow. A bond grows between the child and the plant.

 When the student leaves school he/she is gifted the plant to take home.

It is also a message to the parents, says Nisha.

If more schools adopted the idea the planet would be greener! Wouldn’t you agree?

May 2009

My Clean School Ajmer organised a poster making competition for school children on the topic: 'Reduce- Reuse-Recycle' on 18th Sept. 2009.

The response was very heartening and the quality of posters was extremely good.

Sponsors provided funds for prizes and for all other expenditure.

The Divisional Commissioner, Mr. Atul Sharma, commended the effort of the students and promised all support to the 'My Clean School Ajmer' efforts.

The Div. Com. viewing the exhibition

The Div. Com. viewing the exhibition

Some of the posters on display

Suresh writes...

1.       I have now a core team of around 7 members( committed and hardworking persons) who are working with me to add to the network of schools and spread the 'My Clean School' message.

o   20 schools have become members and we are likely to have another 10. We have visited each school personally and the Heads have responded very warmly.

1. St.Paul's Senior Secondary School, Alwar Gate ,Ajmer.
2. St. Stephen's Senior Secondary School,Makarwali Road, Ajmer.
3. Shri Mathura Prasad Gulab Devi Senior Secondary School,Kesarganj, Ajmer.
4. Bhagwan Mahavir Senior Secondary Public School,Panchsheel Nagar, Ajmer.
5. Vrindavan Public School,Makarwali Road, Ajmer.
6. H.K.H.Public School,Vaishali Nagar, Ajmer.
7. Savitri Balika Primary School, Civil Lines, Ajmer.
8. Savitri Girls Senior Secondary School, Civil Lines, Ajmer.
9. Maheshwari Public School,Vaishali Nagar, Ajmer.
10 East Point Senior Secondary School, Naya Ghar, Gulab Bari, Ajmer.
11 Mayo College Junior School, Sri Nagar Road, Ajmer.