Zero Kachra Abhiyan program to Dec 2011

Outcome Summary. There are valuable lessons to be learned for everyone

  • Where the visits of volunteers were more frequent and where their involvement was more, the result and response was very encouraging.

  • Visible impact in approx. 12 out of the 19 schools covered by our project.

  • Students to take lead and responsibility. This happened in only 4 or 5 schools and that also in a limited manner. The old prevalent system of orders being issued by seniors was still visible in most institutions.

  • The letter from the Collector to the Lead Bank Manager (who in turn, wrote to several banks) had a significant impact resulting in sponsorship of dust bins by several banks.

  • Worthy of special mention are: Maharana Mewar Charitable Foundation, Udaipur who gave Rs. One lac for cattle traps, HDFC bank who gave Rs. 65,000/- for tree guards (each tree guard cost approx. Rs. 1000/-), and Leelajeet Sikdar Memorial Charitable Trust who gave  Rs 30,000/-for 20 dust bins.

  • There should be incentives/awards given to schools (Principal and staff) which stand out for their high standards.