Nainital - Where My Clean India started and with outcomes!

18 September 2012

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Mission Butterfly

On September 18, Nainital celebrated Clean Up Nainital Day (CUND2008) in which more than 10 per cent of the community of Nainital undertook and took steps to a cleaning up of the town.  Read what was said. Today there is a Mission Butterfly.

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The Mission Butterfly scheme. Click to see full details.

Nainital 18 Sept 2008

Click to see full image of newspaper report in 2008. Marks beginning of Mission Butterfly as in the launch by Commissioner Raju

Nainital first celebrated Community United celebrated CUND 2007 (Community United Nainital Day) on 18 Sept 2007 coinciding with the Great Landslide of 1880.


Resultant activities included:

  • a poster competition attracting 600 applicants.
  • swearing of an oath and agreements to respect the environment
  • schools participation (5000)
  • litter fines, lake marshals, teams to contain littering
  • solid waste management program. See Mission Butterfly