“We lack civic sense. Naturally, we all here share part of the blame for the fast degeneration of this rare world heritage. It is our indolence”.

 “… I will be surprised if, in your absence, the locals would be interested …………... I would though love to be surprised; it will also be a learning experience for me.”  

 “The bed has been prepared now, and the seeds that you have planted, as you can see, are already germinating”  and…. “I am sure that we will transform this beautiful little town. Thank you for inspiring us.”  

“Our visits to Nainital had become fewer by the year- largely due to its ruination caused in the name of modern day tourism, that murdered its ecology, choked its lake, and trashed its civic amenities. ......Till we visited it last week .... and saw
the most pleasant change in its environment !!!”

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