Community United Nainital Day (or Clean Up Nainital Day) - 18 September 2007

Clean Up the World is celebrated on the third weekend of September. Within a few days of that weekend, on the 18th of September Nainital marked the anniversary of the Great Landslide of 1880 when then with a population of just 6 000, lost 151 people in a landslide.

On 18 September 2007, Nainital launched Clean Up Nainital Day (Community United Nainital Day) and with that, the concept of My Clean India. It is when the community comes together as one.  Read about Mission Butterfly that was launched after that day.

Read what was said before and after the event.

Read about the state of the environment before that event.

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Schools assemblies were addressed.

Mosques, temples, women's associations, special interest and community groups were informed.

Newspaper articles promoted the event and the TV beamed a video and news details.

A schools poster competition with 600 entries conveyed the passion of the students.

Stickers promoting cleanliness were circulated.

A stand was prepared on the Flats from which announcements were made by the Commissioner of the Kumaon, the District Magistrate, Governor, Chair of the Nagar Palika and the winners of the poster competition were acknowledged.

On the day, vehicles entering the town were stopped and asked to give up their plastic bags in exchange for paper ones (hand made ones)


To promote respect for the environment oaths were sworn by community groups,

Contracts were signed to respect the environment promoted by schoolchildren,

Sherwood College took a survey of community attitudes


By any reasonable measure, the 18th of September was an extraordinary event and surely Nainital celebrated joining CUTW in a truly committed manner. It represents a "Tipping Point".

CUTW Posters Program Some newspaper articles (click each to see full size) The oath The contract.

Events leading up to CUND as part of the Clean Up the World campaign, click here.

Poster competition

Some photographs of the 18th September and events leading up to it.

Dignitaries and some of the schoolchildren who swore an oath to protect the environment.

Nagar Palika involvement

The stadium from where prizes, commitments and announcements were made with thousand's present. Where Nainital joined Clean Up the World.

Mr Yashpal Rawat defining the commitment at the Nainital Gurudwara.

Cleaning up to the hills of Nainital

Hundreds of school children marching in Bhowali

Local citizens taking the oath (sankalp) to protect the environment.

The oath that was taken by thousands to respect the environment.

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Team member Mr Deneesh Dindereyal cleaning in Sector 7 of Nainital.

Team member, Mr Rajiv L Sah interrupted in cleaning up a difficult place.

Boats cleaning the lake

Basket loads of rubbish were removed

Recovered rubbish from the nullahas


To promote cooperation, school children requested the community to sign an agreement to be responsible about litter.

Team member Di ("Mrs Remco") helping to select winning posters with Professor Ajay Rawat and Sunit Pant..

One of many banners throughout the town affirming the importance of community.

A winning poster.

The aeration of the lake formally announced on CUND day.

Dr Girija Pande addressing a school assembly.

The Commissioner, Mr S Raju, and the Chairperson of the Nagar Palika, Mrs Sarita Arya with the commissioning of the aeration plant for the lake (8cubic metres of air per minute).

Professor Ajay Rawat and Remco van Santen awarding prizes donated by the Nainital Development Trust for the poster competition.

Preparing for the TV broadcasts.

Women cleaning the nullahas that surround the town.

Participation by the local girls brigade.

Sector 7 activity.

Signatures abound affirming care for the environment

Stickers and fliers used to promote the day.(click to see full size)

The use of handmade paper bags to replace plastic.

Vehicles entering Nainital were stopped and asked to replace their plastic bags with paper ones.


Some of the marching school children of the neighbouring town of Bhowali

Some of the marching school children of the neighbouring town of Bhowali


Hindus regard the earth as mother, deserving our reverence. She feeds us, provides shelter, and material for clothes; without her gifts, even survival is impossible. If, as children, we do not take care of her, we diminish her ability to take care of us. Unfortunately, our scientific and industrial achievements are undermining the natural environment. The earth itself has now become an area of concern.