Poster Competition 2007 - "Nainital as I Perceive it".

This competition was run as part of CUND 2007 with prizes awarded by the NDT (represented by Remco van Santen). Adjudication was by Professor Ajay S Rawat, Di Wilson and other members from the Kumaon University. No criterion were offered only that there basic objective was to " disseminate environmental consciousness and to associate this competition with the Clean Up Nainital Day" and to be on the theme of "Naini Tal as I perceive it".

The adjudication at Kumaon University. In front, left to right are Di Wilson, Professor Rawat and Sunit Pont

Awarding NDT prizes on 18 September. Professor Rawat (centre)

This poster submitted by Reshma year 12 of the G.G.I.C. School was considered the best overall poster submitted.

The poster below was awarded the Special Appreciation Prize. To Utkarsh Pande Class IX  St Joseph's College, Nainital

Competition awards

There were four groups (A-D) representing age groups by class. There were first, second, third prizes and with two Appreciation Prizes per category. In addition there was one Special Appreciation Prize. Click on certificate to see full size. (Word version)





CLICK each poster to see full size. An even higher resolution of each poster is available on request.

PRIZE Groups A  Class I-III Group B Class  IV-V1 Group C - Class VII-IX Group D - Class X - XII
  Gaurvanvita Mehra

L. P. S. Nainital

Seerat Kaur

St.Mary's Convent Nainital


Girls Upper Primary   School, Mallital ,Nainital 


 G.G.I.C. Nainital


B.S.S.V. Nainital

Apoorva Goel 

All Saints College Nainital 

Manas Bora 

St Joseph's College, Nainital   


M.L. Sah Balika Vidhya Mandir Nainital

  Chetna Adhikari

St.Mary's Convent Nainital

Tanuja Arya

Girls Primary School, Raiesh

Akshita Srivastava

 M.L. Sah Balika Vidhya ;Mandir

Kamal Mishra

B.S.S.V., Nainital

  Aayush Agrawal 

Sherwood College, Nainital   


B.S.S.V. Nainital

Maneesha Kanaujia   

Girls Upper Primary School   

Keshang Doma

All Saints College, Nainital

  Akshika Rana 

M.L. Sah Balika Vidhya Mandir Nainital


Mohd Arbaz

Bishop Shaw School, Nainital

Virendra Singh

Bisht   B.S.S.V., Nainital

Ruchi Batra

All Saints College, Nainital