Now managed by a My Clean Society incorporated reg'd in UP

Lucknow leaders

Dr Prashant NatuDr Natu is the Community Facilitator in Lucknow UP.
As a physician, Dr Natu is committed to promoting well being through self empowerment. Also see
Dr Natu introduced the MCI ribbon.

Posters created for Lucknow by Mr Rehan Ahmad (click to see full size).

Madan Mohan Bhargava

Brought up, educated, worked and now settled in Lucknow. A small entrepreneur doing assorted fabrication jobs in metal e.g. A/C grilles, dampers, diffusers, trolleys, doors windows, water tanks etc.

I believe: technological advancement has far exceeded the mental development. I also believe that the rat race being blindly joined by everybody today must soon pave the way for a saner world where values must count. 

I have two grown up children - both married and settled in life. And am now in a proper payback to the society mode. This forum seems a fit place for me. I am not very vocal but shall definitely do my bit in making my surroundings cleaner.

Mr Devendra Singh
Physical Education Teacher. Central Academy(Principal Mrs Kiran Sahejpal), Vikas Nagar, Lucknow. Ph 09335236266. 326 Pathak Puram Lucknow.
  • Mr Singh is introducing the concept and importance of Shramdan, which teachers are passing onto the public by actually doing.
  • Is committed to motivating schools.
  • Participating in cleaning up of Gomti (CleanUpGomti).


Anoop is working with U.P.police as a subinspector,in Lucknow He founded an organisation,'SANKALP PARIWAR' to help the street childrens and protect the environment about 10yrs back.

He is dedicated to see  regain the social values and uplifting of community. Nowadays he is working 24x7 to make Lucknow clean and green.

He has taken up a rural project inspiring villagers to create a cleaner, healthier and green environment, his door to door campaigning in villages was a great job. One of his campaign was against the fire crackers to check the air pollution.

He had been instrumental in organising the 20th meeting and is in the process of building up of team a strong and collective team in Lucknow. He is and will be a strong motivator, a mass mover and a great inspiration to Lucknow and rest of the country. He organises 'nukkad nataks' (street plays) to create awareness within the community.