Meerut has taken the first steps to create a model with the support of the acclaimed Janhit Foundation to create a community with the schools committing to a "Clean and Green Meerut". These pages show how the first steps were taken, the methodology and the outcomes. An inspiration!
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Some key secrets of the success practiced by the Janhit Team include....
Students taking a pledge for maintaining cleanliness around them and giving speeches, sharing insights and expressing their views. In a word, INTERACTIVITY!

Schools such as Maharishi Vidya Mandir School and Deva Nagri College.

Prizes, certificates medals under the My Clean School banner by the Janhit Foundation

My Clean Meerut

2012 extract report (full here).

The Janhit Foundation (JF) conducted an Oath Ceremony along with Drawing and Painting competition at Sraswati Shishu Mandir, Meerut in which 250 students participated. The theme of the competition was Our Environment under My Clean School. The winners have been rewarded with a Medal along with Certificates.

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A 2010 report from Janhit Foundation

On the 1st of November, 2010 Mr Remco Van Santen came to Meerut to inspire the city to be part of something beautiful that started in Nainital three years ago.

 An action committee was set up on the evening of the 1st. On the 2nd Mr. Remco and Janhit Foundation gave presentations to two schools, Devan Public School and Army Public School. In both schools there were highly enthusiastic students and equally supportive and pragmatic teachers. We also visited the City Magistrate of Meerut; Mr Praven Mishra and the Chief Development Officer; Mr Pranjal Yadar

 My Clean India (MCI) is a not for profit concept promoting the empowerment of self and your community This was Mr. Remco’s fourth visit to Meerut, in the past he met with the Late Sh. Anil Rana. And it is his vision that is being carried forth by Mr Remco and Janhit Foundation

 We ask you, dear reader to support My Clean and My Clean Meerut specifically by actively taking pride in you city, promoting good initiatives and taking small steps in your own way. A Beautiful, prosperous Meerut is in your hands.

 Watch this space, a big step of action will be happening in Meerut shortly

Matthew Shanley

A meeting hosted at Janhit premises comprising senior educators, Principals, and Administration people.


Janhit's Matthew Shanley (volunteer from Ireland) addressing the Military School (see below).

My Clean Police was formally launched 16 March 2010. Click here for more details of this exciting event.

My Clean Meerut was launched on November 5th 2009 and first steps on 29-30 November. Click for complete details

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Impact (click to see more)

The clear and positive spirit of the competition influenced the schools and we got a very good participation from most of the schools.

The participation was with all the spirits high, with all the enthusiasm and vision the young eyes carry within them.

It is true that only few won the prizes but all the participants were appreciated and encouraged by giving away a certificate from the foundation. So that they don’t stop thinking about the environment.

The kids and our team felt motivated by the words our chief guest CDO, Meerut , Mr. Pranjal Yadav, who encouraged all the participants saying that it’s the participation that matters sometimes, it’s not winning always; as those who don’t even participate are still a step behind from those who try and participate.

He also said that it is not just the bookish knowledge that matters in this time; it has to be overall development of the kids which can only be attained if they are motivated to participate in such events. It develops their confidence, their thinking ability and makes them a person ready for the tomorrow.

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