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My Clean Meerut

My Clean Meerut was launched on November 5th 2009 and the first steps were taken with an essay competition with 16 schools participating on 29-30 November. Website see

This campaign was followed by the My Clean Police on 16 March 2010.



First Steps - 29-39 November .

As a part of 'My Clean Meerut', Janhit Foundation had organised Inter-school Essay Writing, Debate and Poster Making Competition.

The competition went very successful, more than our expectations. About 16 schools participated in the event, with about 150 students writing essays, making posters and speaking on the issue of My Clean Meerut. This included participation of not only CBSE schools but government schools and colleges; and schools from rural areas too.

The competition was organised on November 29th and 30th, 2009 in the premises of Sanatan Dharma Inter College, Meerut. The children were provided with the necessary stationery items that they needed to participate. The participants were given two hours for completing their entry. Following that, the Janhit team distributed a packet of refreshment among the children. The essay and the poster competition were judged by the judges decided by the foundation on the same day, i.e. 29th of November as the results were to be announced the very next day, i.e. 30th of November 2009, soon after the debate competition. 


In order to make these competitions a success, it was essential to make the schools understand the basic idea behind conducting these competitions. For this, a formal invitation was sent to all the schools which included a descriptive explanation about the competitions being held, what we exactly want from students, and how to actually judge on their level and send us the shortlisted candidates. The document sharply described on what level the entry would be selected as this was not just competition that would simply distribute prizes on very flowery writing or speaking skills, or very impressive drawing skills.

The team just wanted the plain ideas of the youth, with no complexities. The ideas that they think they themselves can implement, may be on a small and individual level, but good enough to start. We asked for 12 entries in total from each school, 2 from junior and 2 from senior wing from each of the three competitions.

On the competition day, Janhit’s team was there to help the participants in every possible way they could. A brief for the actual motto of the competition was also given to the students, so that they would get the real picture of the scenario and try to join hands for the same.

Prizes were given to the top three entries of all the three competitions, both in junior and senior category. A memento along with a gift was given to the winners. Gifts included dictionary, color set and pens and a set of useful books. Janhit gave each and every participant a certificate encouraging their spirit and enthusiasm to participate.


The clear and positive spirit of the competition influenced the schools and we got a very good participation from most of the schools.

The participation was with all the spirits high, with all the enthusiasm and vision the young eyes carry within them.

It is true that only few won the prizes but all the participants were appreciated and encouraged by giving away a certificate from the foundation. So that they don’t stop thinking about the environment.

The kids and our team felt motivated by the words our chief guest CDO, Meerut , Mr. Pranjal Yadav, who encouraged all the participants saying that it’s the participation that matters sometimes, it’s not winning always; as those who don’t even participate are still a step behind from those who try and participate.

He also said that it is not just the bookish knowledge that matters in this time; it has to be overall development of the kids which can only be attained if they are motivated to participate in such events. It develops their confidence, their thinking ability and makes them a person ready for the tomorrow.

Topics for the Competition –

Essay Writing: ‘Main apne shahar Meerut ki zameen, pani aur hawa ko  saaf  banane ke liye kya krna chahta/chahti hu, main ye kaise krunga/karungi?’ 

Poster Making: ‘Apne shahar Meerut ki zameen, pani aur hawa ko saaf banane ke liye ‘mujhe’ kya krna hoga?’

Below some winning posters. Click to see full size


Debate Competition: ‘Mere shahar Meerut ki zameen, pani aur hawa ko saaf banana kya sarkar ki zimmedaari hai ya meri khud ki?’

For : ‘Meri apni zimmedaari hai.’

Against : ‘Sarkar aur prashaasan ki zimmedari hai.’


1.      Debate:

 Ist –      Nisha Gulpham of Meerut Public Girls School (Senior)

            Somya of Delhi Public School (Junior)                                               

 2nd –    Khushmani Kaur of Delhi Public School (Senior)

      Suraj Singh of D. N. Inter College (Junior)

3 rd –   Shwetanki of Meerut Public School (Senior)

     Sanjeev Kumar of Army School (Junior)

  2.      Essay Writing:

1st –      Ekta Kumari of Army School (Senior)

Ishika Bansal of Meerut Public School (Junior)

 2nd –    Shivani Godara of Meerut Public School (Senior)

Rimjhim Sharma of R. G. College (Junior)

3rd –     Ashish Gupta of S. D. Inter College (Senior)

Shalini of R. G. College (Junior)

 3.      Poster Competition

1st –     Priya Tyagi of Army Public School (Senior)

Joy Verma of Meerut Public Girls School (Junior)

2nd –    Adiba of Meerut Public Girls School (Senior)

Akansha of R. G. College (Junior)

3rd –     Shalini of Kanya Inter College, Daurala (Senior)

Sman Singh of Army Public School (Junior)

The Launch 5 November

A public meeting was organised with Mr. Pranjal Yadav (Chief Development Officer, Meerut) as the chief guest, Mr. Rejandra Aggarwal (MP, Meerut) as the guest of honour, Mr. Prem Mehta (Principal, City Vocational Public School) and Ms. Anita Rana, Director of Janhit Foundation. Our special guests were Rajesh Dhokwal Sir and Mr. Rakesh Khatri Sir from NOIDA, Munishwar Gulati Sir from Ghaziabad and H. R. Bangia Sir from Gurgaon. (Mr Brij Khandelwal was a last minute apology).

meerut.JPGAnd to be very true all of them are so enthusiastic. They shared their ideas about My Clean India and briefed the gathering about the good work which is being done as a part of the campaign at their respective places. 

Ideas sharing is always such a positive attitude.

The program was inaugurated by the lighting of the lamp and neem plants being presented to the guests as a memento. This launch program was participated by various schools which have shown their interest in this issue and along with a few concerned community members of Meerut city. All those who were present were just great and participated actively. We had some other event also at Meerut so most of the roads and transport were blocked.


 Pranjal Yadav Ji

Such campaigns concerning environmental issues are the need of the hour of cities like Meerut. He promised that all required assistance would be provided by the Administration in support to this campaign. He appealed the gathering to actively participate in the cause and also motivate others to join.

Rajendra Agarwal Ji –

The issue of environment is not only of Meerut but is a global one. Meerut which lies in the doab region between the rivers Ganga and Yamuna is facing a severe problem of water contamination. The rivers have today turned into a polluted drain. He added that he is very much concerned and would raise these issues in Lok Sabha (the directly elected lower house of the Parliament of India).

Prem Mehta Ji –

City Vocational School would participate full heartedly in all the activities which would be organised by Janhit Foundation. He was of a view that large problems can be solved through community spirit and we individually should certainly make contribution in this important campaign which the foundation has launched.

 A documentary production was also screened which focused on the role of schools and especially students in the campaign.

In the end, Anita Rana Director gave a vote of thanks to the delegates and the guests. She told that it would be the endeavour of the organisation to see that something positive comes out of this initiative. With the support of the community, Janhit Foundation would leave no stone unturned to turn ‘My Meerut’ into ‘My Clean Meerut’. She expressed great gratitude towards Mr. Prem Mehta who has been associated with Janhit Foundation since long and has been very supportive in all the initiatives and programs taken up by the organisation. 

May be seen larger of full size by right clicking to see on the YouTube site. This version refers to the origins of the My Clean India link with the Janhit founder, Anil Rana.